Venues available for rent in the Main Building

Besides regular teaching facilities, the University Main Building has venues that can be converted to suit a range of events. Explore the venues and make a booking!
Great Hall

The Great Hall in the Main Building has a seating capacity of 800 people.

The services related to this festive hall are listed in the instructions for organising events in the Great Hall (in Finnish and English).

The coat-check service must always be booked for events held in the Great Hall.

The Great Hall must be booked four (4) weeks before the scheduled event. (Price category A12)

Small Hall

The Small Hall in the Main Building is suitable for lectures and festivities requiring seating capacity for 200 people. The fixtures and interior design of the hall are by the architect J.S. Sirén. Catering for events can be organised in the foyer facing the hall. It is also possible to set up a registration desk, a handful of stands or exhibitors, or other small-scale activities in the foyer.


The southern courtyard was covered in the recent renovation of the Main Building. A sculpture of Alexander I by sculptor Ivan Martos, previously on display in the small park connected to the National Library of Finland, was relocated here. Agora can be used to organise, for example, cocktail receptions or coffee breaks in conjunction with poster sessions at conferences.


Previously, the facility housed the University museum and prior to that, a library. The redesigned museum is now located on the first floor of the Main Building. The Studium facility comprises four different spaces connected to the main space (Studium 1) via dedicated entrances. When booking all of the facilities (Studium 1–5), the total capacity is 88 people.

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