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The facilities of the University of Helsinki, ranging from the prestigious Great Hall to regular lecture rooms, are sure to offer a suitable setting for your event. Facilities can be booked from all four University campuses, namely the City Centre Campus, Viikki Campus, Kumpula Campus and Meilahti Campus. The University’s research stations, located in various parts of Finland, also offer venues for rent.
Other venues

Other available facilities for events include lecture room PIII in the Porthania building (City Centre Campus), the Viikki Oppimistori venue (Viikki Campus), and many other teaching facilities at the University.

Venues at the University’s research stations

The University’s research stations function as bases for a wide range of high quality research and as providers of services for, for example, excursions and seminars. Research stations offer both international research teams and local groups searching for a meeting space affordable accommodation and delicious locally produced food, and catering for special events. Select a perfect venue for conferencing and relaxing and, in so doing, support the research conducted at the stations! Depending on the research station, you can find facilities for meetings of up to 170 people and take advantage of the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the research conducted at the station. The stations are open year round to welcome visiting scholars.

Teaching facilities available for booking

More than 400 teaching facilities are available for booking by the general public, including small lecture rooms, easily adaptable seminar rooms and compact auditoriums.

The website presenting the University’s teaching facilities available for rent provides information on the facilities, prices, booking terms and conditions, and contact details for booking services.

Long-term lease of facilities for businesses

The University also offers businesses the opportunity to lease facilities on a long term basis. Such facilities include a variety of offices, laboratories and spaces suitable for groupwork.

In queries concerning long-term lease, please contact Leasing Manager Minna Rannikko.

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