Sustainability in education
Our objective is to educate professionals capable of changing the world. Sustainability issues are linked to all fields of education, and at the University of Helsinki we offer sustainability perspectives as part of many degree programmes, courses, study modules and staff training.

Global societal and environmental problems require solutions that rely on a number of disciplines and transcend the boundaries between research and decision-making. Themes related to sustainable development are taught at almost all faculties, from the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences to the Faculty of Arts. 

Since learning belongs to everyone, we provide teaching in sustainability both in short individual courses and in the form of entire degrees. We offer a course on sustainability that is targeted at all students of the University.

HELSUS Co-Creation Lab

The HELSUS Co-Creation Lab is an opportunity for master’s students to write their master’s theses in collaboration with a partner from the private or public sector in a supervised and scheduled process that is based on six co-creation meetings, or labs. During lab sessions, students respond to a sustainability challenge presented by their partner and write their master’s thesis on a topic to be specified during the sessions. Networking and accumulating experience constitute an essential part of the work, over the course of which we bring together genuine sustainability challenges and experts of the future.

Multidisciplinary environmental research

Multidisciplinary studies are important for understanding the complex nature of environmental issues and for assessing the ecological, economic and social foundations of sustainability. The bachelor’s level offers the Study Module in Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies (ENV-440), with courses organised primarily in Finnish. The module is offered to all students of the University of Helsinki as well as to students of other Finnish universities under the flexible study right scheme JOO.


Open University studies for all

We are one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research universities and Finland’s largest community of academic inquiry and continuous learning open to everyone. We offer the latest research-based knowledge for your needs as well as those of employers and the wider community to give a broader perspective and prepare for the changes ahead. Our objective is to be an acknowledged, attractive and accessible environment of continuous learning which meets the changing educational needs of society.