Education at the University of Helsinki

Modern university instruction is diverse: groups of varying sizes, individualised guidance and supervision as well as interactive contact and remote teaching. Teaching that is always based on research is being developed into an increasingly open, inclusive and student-oriented direction by employing the opportunities provided by digitalisation. A network of top-level teachers and specialists in university pedagogy support all teachers at the University in developing teaching and learning environments. The University of Helsinki has a significant role in the development of the Finnish education system and teacher training. Global success has created a high demand for our specialists on the rapidly growing international education market.

Teaching and studying based on research

Teaching based on research, the nurturing and maintenance of a learning community and environment of a high standard, and the commitment to providing learning-centred teaching comprise the teaching philosophy of the University of Helsinki, used to fulfil its role as a university. The premise of high quality teaching and studying is their foundation on research. The high standard of teaching provided by the University of Helsinki is characterised by the teachers’ participation in research and the utilisation of the research results produced by the academic community.

Continuing Education – University education for all

The University of Helsinki provides educational opportunities to everyone – from toddlers to senior citizens. The largest group of students is comprised of those pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree. At the Open University, anyone can complete university studies around the clock. University education is also provided by the University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+, the Helsinki Summer School and the Science Education Centre.

Finnish education – Best in the world

Finnish education has been a worldwide success story. The expertise in teacher training at the University of Helsinki and its efforts in the development of education systems are becoming an increasingly important export. Kirsti Lonka and Jari Lavonen, veterans of the field, explain the reasons for this. Alongside teacher training, science education, particularly when targeted at children, has elicited considerable interest abroad. Jenni Vartiainen describes how phenomenon-based learning is applied by combining play and science education.

Innovations in teaching and education

A number of research-based education innovations which have turned into commercial successes, among them HEI Schools, have been developed at the University of Helsinki. The digitalisation challenges faced by schools are tackled through the nationwide Innokas network, as well as through continuing teacher education and school development. dLearn.Helsinki, a project funded by Business Finland, is developing an AI-based tool that helps individuals and communities to collaboratively identify and develop skills in a target-oriented and practical manner.