Teach­ers' Academy

The University of Helsinki Teachers’ Academy is a network of distinguished university teachers, the only of its kind in Finland. By investing in teachers, the University also invests in students and the quality of learning. Appointment to the Teachers’ Academy signifies special recognition for teaching merits and scholarship in the field of teaching.
News of distinguished teachers
Aims of the Teachers' Academy

Our aim is to bolster discussion, brainstorming and information exchange between student organisations, teachers, the University of Helsinki Centre for University Teaching and Learning, the University leadership and administrative services, and other stakeholders and networks related to teaching, and to enhance

  • Appreciation for teaching and teaching qualifications at the University of Helsinki
  • The visibility of teaching and the Teachers’ Academy in University communications
  • Inclusivity, collaboration and peer learning among teachers at the Teachers’ Academy and the University
  • The wellbeing of students and teaching and research staff at the University of Helsinki
  • Scholarship, research-based knowledge and a learner-centred approach in teaching
  • Teachers’ opportunities to pursue the career path of an academic teacher and make progress on this path
  • Sustainable development and equality in University teaching
  • The significance of pedagogical research in the assessment of academic qualifications
  • Public engagement, with an emphasis on the significance of research-based knowledge and research-based teaching
The values of the University of Helsinki and the Teachers' Academy
Excellent teacher

The Teachers’ Academy’s establishment was a response to the observation and experience that the status and appreciation of teaching at universities was not equal with research. Even if one purpose of the Academy is to reward excellent teachers, it aims also to enhance the quality of teaching and learning across the whole University community. The Academy’s theoretical foundation rests on the scholarship of teaching.

Get to know the members of the teachers’ academy

According to University Lecturer Iryna Herzon, good teaching has great societal significance. Herzon’s field at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is agroecology. She continuously develops her teaching, dedicating a lot of time to it. Iryna Herzon is one of the 2022 fellows of the Teachers’ Academy. See how she describes her teaching philosophy on the video.

See also other videos on which the 2022 fellows of the Teachers’ Academy tell about their way of teaching.

You can find the playlist on the University’s YouTube-account.

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