The University of Helsinki and the Finnish society as a whole offer an attractive set of benefits each Helsinki-based employee can enjoy.

Salaries are based on the salary system for Finnish universities. A requirement level is defined for each position. The personal performance of an employee is always considered in calculating the salary. For more information, please see the General collective agreement for universities in Finland

Balancing work and family is possible for researchers living in Finland as Finnish society offers attractive benefits for both individuals and families with children. Taking out extensive private insurance is not necessary as welfare services are provided publicly to all residents.

At the University of Helsinki, all academic staff members both teach and do research. All teaching is strongly research-based. We ensure that you can concentrate on doing research.

Teaching and research staff have an annual workload of roughly 1,600 hours. This means that their hours are extremely flexible: there is no set number of hours to work in a day. As an employee, you may decide on how to allocate the hours during the year.

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The University of Helsinki provides flexible work arrangements. We help you divide your energy between your personal and work life. In Finland, you also get long paid holidays. More information: Annual holidays (

The University of Helsinki is a family-friendly employer. To support the balance of work and family, Finnish legislation guarantees employees time off when they have small children. More information: Balancing family life and work (

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The University of Helsinki has a talent management plan detailing digital skills, inclusive leadership, community spirit, and service skills. We support all staff in developing these skills and pay special attention to supervisor competence.           

We offer courses supporting researchers at various stages of their careers. For example, you can choose from courses about communication, project management, research funding, educational technology and IT skills as well as language courses.

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Our highly popular Finnish courses are open to all our staff members. The courses are offered all year round, and they provide language training with experienced teachers in an international environment.

University Services helps our staff members focus on research, teaching, studies and community relations. Our friendly staff helps you in various ways.

We invest in the welfare of our employees by offering preventative occupational health services and general medical care. All University of Helsinki employees are also insured for work-related travel and accidents.

Each University of Helsinki employee automatically belongs to a pension scheme. A pension contribution is automatically withheld from the monthly salary of each employee.

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Various shops and restaurants offer a discount to our staff.

The student cafeteria Unicafe operates on all campuses and offers lunch at a reduced price to University of Helsinki staff.

The University strives to foster trust and a communal and positive atmosphere in its community. The wellbeing of staff is one of the University’s strategic goals.

The University offers a range of different wellbeing and sport services. Each campus has its own gym facilities and offers fresh environments to participate in exotic Nordic outdoor activities. Unisport, an exercise service provider owned jointly by the University of Helsinki and Aalto University, offers a wide range of low-cost exercise services on all campuses. University of Helsinki staff can enjoy the services at a reduced price.