Lower secondary school

The Helsinki Normal Lyceum, more commonly known as Norssi, is a teacher training school that operates under the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Helsinki and comprises comprehensive school grades 1–5 & 7–9 and a general upper secondary school.

Norssi hosts approximately 400 comprehensive school pupils and 245 upper secondary school students. Each year, the upper secondary school admits 80 new students. We admit comprehensive school pupils mainly from the school’s local catchment area in Southern Helsinki, with the exception of the Latin class, to which admission is based on an aptitude test.

Norssi’s long history as a classical school is manifested in the fact that we are one of the few Finnish schools that offer Latin studies from the 7th grade onward. Our school also has a Latin motto: “Non scholae sed vitae”, meaning that we do not learn for school, but for life.

The principal for basic education at the Helsinki Normal Lyceum is Juha-Pekka Husso.

The school’s subject teachers, guidance counsellors and special needs teachers are responsible for the provision of teaching at the lower secondary school. Each class also has its own form teacher.

The contact information for the staff can be found on the contact information page: Contact information

All pupils in grades 7–9 can run for a seat on the student body organisation when a new board is elected. The comprehensive school student body organisation is formed each autumn at the beginning of the new school year, and the board’s term lasts from the beginning of the autumn term to the end of the following spring term.

The student body organisation takes part in the work of the school’s key decision-making bodies. The student body organisation’s meeting minutes are usually public documents that anyone can access.

The comprehensive school student body organisation collaborates with the upper secondary school student body organisation. Together, the student body organisations aim to represent and serve Norssi’s pupils and students in the best possible way. If there is anything you think the student body organisations should address or that could be improved, contact us! You can come talk to us in the hallway at school or contact us by email or on Facebook.

Contact the student body organisation

Mail address:

Helsingin normaalilyseon peruskoulun oppilaskunta

PO Box 38 (Ratakatu 6), 00014 UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI



Through collaboration between school and home, the organisation of education and teaching is supported in a way that ensures the provision of instruction, guidance and support to each pupil in accordance with their developmental stage and needs. Such collaboration promotes pupils’ healthy growth and development. The participation of guardians and the opportunity for them to contribute to schoolwork and its development constitute a central part of the school’s operating culture. Educational collaboration between the school and the home enhances the wellbeing and safety of pupils, classes and the entire school community.

In school–home interaction, the Wilma system is used on a daily basis.

Parents of the pupils of the Helsinki Normal Lyceum operate an active parents’ association, with which the school collaborates. Further details on the activities of the parents’ association are available on its website: Parents’ association

Documents and forms


Files are in pdf format unless stated otherwise.

Basic education curriculum (In Finnish): POPS 2016

Upper secondary education curricula (In Finnish): LOPS 2021 and LOPS 2016



Strategy of Helsinki Normal Lyceum 2020 - 2025 (in Finnish): Helsingin normaalilyseon strategia 2020 - 2025

Equality plan (In Finnish): Tasa-arvo- ja_yhdenvertaisuussuunnitelma 2022 - 2024

Description of language proficiency levels for basic education (In Finnish): Perusopetuksen kielitaidon tasojen kuvausasteikko

Student welfare plan (In Finnish): Opiskeluhuoltosuunnitelma

Student welfare register privacy policy (in Finnish): Opiskeluhuollon kertomusrekisterin rekisteriseloste

Rules and regulations (In Finnish): Norssin järjestyssäännöt (pdf)

Lower comprehensive school pupil registration form (In Finnish):  lomake (pdf)

Upper comprehensive school pupil registration form (In Finnish):  lomake (pdf)