University of Helsinki traineeship subsidy for employers

The University of Helsinki participates in the funding of students’ traineeships. The university’s subsidy amounts to €1,800 per traineeship. The subsidy is not paid directly to the student, but is instead used to cover part of the expenses that the employer incurs from hiring the student. The trainee must have a contractual or public-service employment relationship with the employer, and the employer must pay a salary amounting to at least the minimum annual wage determined by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela (which in 2021 equals €1,252). The employer charges salary expenses equivalent to the traineeship subsidy to the university after the completion of the traineeship.

Students are able to apply for the traineeship subsidy throughout the year. The traineeship subsidy should be applied for when the traineeship placement has been confirmed if the employer requires university funding towards the trainee's salary costs. The traineeship subsidy must be applied for before the beginning of the traineeship.

The employer and the university will sign a traineeship agreement in which they agree on subsidy invoicing and the traineeship's inclusion in the student's degree. The agreement must be concluded before the beginning of the traineeship.

Please note that the University of Helsinki is unable to subsidise all students.

Requirements set on the host organisation

  • The traineeship placement can be in a company, central or local government, an organisation, an association, a foundation or a cooperative in Finland or abroad.
  • The trainee must have a contractual or public-service employment relationship with the host organisation, and the wage paid to the trainee must equal or exceed the minimum wage defined by Kela as the annual work requirement (€1,252 per month in 2021).
  • As a rule, the minimum duration of a traineeship is two months. 
  • The trainee must have an appointed supervisor at the host organisation.
  • The trainee must be offered expert duties that enable the trainee to apply and develop his or her skills to the greatest degree possible.

Announcing a traineeship

An employer wishing to receive support for the trainee’s salary expenses may announce the traineeship through Rekrynet.  To announce the traineeship at several universities, it is best to publish the advertisement through Aarresaari. The University of Helsinki Career Services will determine whether the proposed traineeship is suitable for students in terms of its content and the skills required. 

The form for announcing a traineeship allows the prospective employer to specify the fields of education in which students are sought. Other wishes regarding the trainee’s field or education can be listed in the Description field. 

If employing a trainee calls for a University subsidy, this should be specified under Additional information on the salary or other recompense.