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Today’s tangled global problems need practical, global solutions. At the University of Helsinki we can create international solutions for everyone, wherever they live. Help us to educate talented young minds from all over the world.

Join our students and teachers in building a better world. With your support, today’s brightest international students will help create a fairer, more prosperous tomorrow – in Finland, in their home countries, and across the world.

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We will create a number of places for international students through our Global Scholarship Fund. The scholarships will be granted on academic merit and will be aimed at outstanding academic minds from outside the EU.

Your gift will be part of the University´s Global Scholarship Fund and it can truly make a life-changing difference to some of the world’s sharpest thinkers. With € 25 000, you can donate a scholarship for one talented master´s student in any field of your choosing for two years. Please do not hesitate to contact the fundraising team for any question you might have

Annual donations to science starting from €850 are tax deductible in Finland.

University of Helsinki has a money collection permit (RA/2017/1340), permitted by the National Police Board on 21 December 2017, and it is valid 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2022. The permit covers all of Finland, with the exception of Åland. The funds will support the tasks given in §2 in the Universities Act (558/2009). The University of Helsinki is responsible for the fundraising.



The University of Helsinki offers over 30 globally recognised Master’s Programmes in English.

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