Applicant-specific information (82738030103)

This page applies to you if you in December 2017 or January 2018 applied to the following programme:

  • Master's Admission, Master's Programme in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences, Master of Science (2 years)

Information that is specific to you is denoted with your application number. If you do not know your application number, read the instructions on how to find it out.

Instructions for those who have applied

Find what to do when you have been informed of the admission results.

Instructions for those who have applied

Admission criteria

You can acquaint yourself with the admission criteria of the master’s programme on the Degree Finder.

Application scoring

The table below lists all the academically evaluated applications.

The table was created on March 28th 2018. It will not be updated.

N.B.! The applications have been scored according to the scoring model of the Faculty of Science. You can see the scoring model through the link below (See how your application was evaluated).

Please note, that the categories of the scoring model have been scored in the academic evaluation of the Faculty in the following order:

  1. Academic performance in previous studies
  2. Applicability of previous studies
  3. Motivation letter
  4. Possible preliminary assignment or portfolio

If the application has not obtained the required minimum score in a category, the scoring of the application has been stopped and the remaining categories have not been evaluated or scored.

See how your application was evaluated

The maximum possible score for an application: 28    
Application number Academic performance in previous studies Applicability of previous studies Motivation letter Total score
UAF1800396 12 10 6 28
UAF1801712 10 10 5 25
UAF1802099 10 10 4 24
UAF1801281 10 8 6 24
UAF1801704 10 8 5 23
UAF1801112 8 10 5 23
UAF1801705 10 8 5 23
UAF1801518 8 10 4 22
UAF1802903 8 8 5 21
UAF1802916 8 8 4 20
UAF1802246 8 8 4 20
UAF1800805 8 6 4 18
UAF1803766 8 2   10
UAF1804321 8 2   10
UAF1801600 8 0   8