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Selected publications
  1. Lahtinen A, Lavikka K, Virtanen A, Li Y, Jamalzadeh S, Skorda A, Lauridsen AR, Zhang K, Marchi G, Isoviita VM, Ariotta V, Lehtonen O, Muranen TA, Huhtinen K, Carpén O, Hietanen S, Senkowski W, Kallunki T, Häkkinen A, Hynninen J, Oikkonen J, Hautaniemi S. Evolutionary states and trajectories characterized by distinct pathways stratify patients with ovarian high grade serous carcinoma. Cancer Cell. 2023 May 11:S1535-6108(23)00143-5.

  2. Zhang K, Erkan EP, Jamalzadeh S, Dai J, Andersson N, Kaipio K, Lamminen T, Mansuri N, Huhtinen K, Carpén O, Hietanen S, Oikkonen J, Hynninen J, Virtanen A, Häkkinen A, Hautaniemi S, Vähärautio A. Longitudinal single-cell RNA-seq analysis reveals stress-promoted chemoresistance in metastatic ovarian cancer. Science Advances. 2022 Feb 25;8(8).

  3. Häkkinen A, Zhang K, Alkodsi A, Andersson N, Erkan EP, Dai J, Kaipio K, Lamminen T, Mansuri N, Huhtinen K, Vähärautio A, Carpén O, Hynninen J, Hietanen S, Lehtonen R, Hautaniemi S. PRISM: recovering cell-type-specific expression profiles from individual composite RNA-seq samples. Bioinformatics. 2021 Sep 29;37(18):2882-2888.

  4. Jamalzadeh S, Häkkinen A, Andersson N, Huhtinen K, Laury A, Hietanen S, Hynninen J, Oikkonen J, Carpén O, Virtanen A, Hautaniemi S. QuantISH: RNA in situ hybridization image analysis framework for quantifying cell type-specific target RNA expression and variability. Laboratory Investigation. 2022 Jul;102(7):753-761.

  5. Oikkonen J, Zhang K, Salminen L, Schulman I, Lavikka K, Andersson N, Ojanperä E, Hietanen S, Grénman S, Lehtonen R, Huhtinen K, Carpén O, Hynninen J, Färkkilä A, Hautaniemi S. Prospective longitudinal ctDNA workflow reveals clinically actionable alterations in ovarian cancer. JCO Precision Oncology, 2019 :3, 1-12.

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