PhD, Senior scientist, Docent in Genetics

I work as a senior researcher part time in the Hautaniemi Lab and mostly in the Aaltonen lab. The focus of the Hautaniemi research group is to understand and find effective means to overcome drug resistance in cancers, especially in High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer.  I am particularly interested in using multi-omics sequencing data to gain understanding  of tumor heterogeneity and evolution in chemoresistance. Biological and clinical interpretation of results from genomics and genetics data is crucial part of my work.

DSc, postdoctoral fellow

My work involves developing statistical methods for analysis and integration of ovarian cancer data at multiple levels to suggest efficient combinatorial treatments.

Postdoctoral fellow

I am investigating DNA methylation changes underlying the drug response in cancer. My work involves the analysis of bisulfite sequencing data from ovarian cancer patients.

PhD, postdoctoral fellow

I'm focusing on genetic analyses and tumor evolution.

MSc (Biomedical Engineering), PhD stu­dent

I am focusing on image analysis techniques.

MSc (Bioinformatics), PhD student in DPBM

My research is focused on finding driving mechanisms in cancer and other diseases using genomic and transcriptomic data. I am also interested in testing and developing methods for RNA-Seq data analysis.

MSc (Bioinformatics), PhD student

My projects focus identifying epigenetic mechanisms responsible for drug resistance in cancer. I work with bisulfite sequencing data in order to analyze DNA methylation patterns in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) and High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer (HGSOC). I am also involved in a drug screening project where we are testing different epigenetic inhibitors to re-sensitize DLBCL cell lines that are resistant to the standard treatment.

MD, PhD student

My current job is to develop ways to predict ovarian cancer outcome and determine optimal treatment strategy using clinical and genetic data. The work involves automating clinical data downloading from Turku University Hospital's electronic health records and combining it with other research data. I am also developing clinical data visualization and creating a machine learning approach to clinical data analysis.

MSc (Applied mathematics), PhD student

I am working on RNA-Seq data analysis.

MSc (Data science), PhD student

I'm working on interactive genomic data visualization.

MSc, PhD student

I'm focusing on analysis of circulating tumor DNA for mutations in ovarian cancer.

MSc (Systems Biology), PhD student

My main interest is on the cancer transcriptomics, at both single-cell and bulk level, to understand the mechanisms leading to chemoresistance in ovarian cancer. I am also working on the development of computational pipeline to analyze circulating tumor DNA for somatic and germline mutations.

BSc (Biomedical Science)

My focus is on computational analysis of ctDNA , data visualisation and pipeline documentation.

MSc student (Bioinformatics and digital health)

I'm focusing on mass cytometry analysis and image analysis techniques.

MSc student (Complex systems)

I am currently working with gene data, focusing on implementing machine learning models to the data. 

BSc student

The goal of my project is to investigate biclustering approaches for a single-cell-RNA expression data, and to investigate whether the obtained clusters associate with known drug resistance pathways and patient response.

BSc student

I'm implementing, integrating and evaluating tools for data analysis and visualization.

BSc student

IT specialist

Maintaining and developing the computing infrastucture for the Hautaniemi lab and for a few other research groups in the ONCOSYS research program. I also belong to the university's IT for Science department. 

PhD, consultant

Consulting the lab on infra related issues.

Project coordinator

I'm the project manager for the EU project HERCULES and a coordinator of the Center of Excellence in Cancer Genetics, among other projects. In addition to follow-up and reporting of existing projects, my work includes also new research funding applications.

Research program coordinator

I'm a part time coordinator of the Systems Oncology research program directed by Sampsa Hautaniemi. I also work as a midwife at the Womens hospital.