The New Nordic Lexicon: Research on the Nordic region reaches a wider, younger audience

Young People meet researchers face to face in this innovative research dissemination project.

The New Nordic Lexicon is a collection of articles written by researchers about topics to do with Nordic society, history and culture. It also includes a variety of research-based podcasts and films where young people from across the Nordic countries come face to face with researchers to talk about topics that are important to them. These include the climate crisis and how we talk about it, different perspectives on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and gender segregation and the labour market.

Students and researchers from all the ReNEW partners have been involved in choosing subjects, interviewing, and feeding into the project’s development!

The range of articles in the New Nordic Lexicon can be used in teaching or simply for interest. They include subjects from contemporary political parties on the radical right, to Danish and Norwegian female writers during the Scandinavian Modern Breakthrough. The Lexicon makes research accessible including studies on, for instance, how some people experience colourblindness, and racialisation in schools. Articles, podcasts and films open up knowledge that is not always accessible to young people within mainstream media or teaching, including information about Åland and the Faroe Islands, or how we use terms like ’seksuel dannelse’ or ’tryghed’ in Danish and Swedish.

The target audience of the New Nordic Lexicon is 16-30 year-olds living in the Nordic countries, and there is an English and a Nordic version. The Nordic version is in a variety of Nordic languages, including Faroese and Sámi.

It is not too late to make suggestions for articles or for researchers to submit articles! If you are interested, please contact Nicola Witcombe on