Podcast: Norden - hva nå? (Norden - what now?)

A recording of the panel discussion on the future of Nordic relations at the 6th Nordic Challenges Conference is now available as a podcast episode, published by Polyteknisk Forening (Norway). The debate is in Norwegian.

The last few years have brought major upheavals. What does this do to the Nordic region, and where does the road go next?

The 6th Nordic Challenges Conference (24-26 May 203, Oslo) that was also UiO:Norden's closing event had the pleasure of hosting a panel discussion on the future on Norden. In the discussion participated Sweden's ambassador in Norway Cecilia Björner, head of Nature and Youth - Young Friends of the Earth Norway Gina Gylver, parliamentary representative Ola Elvestuen (V), professor and leader of ReNEW Peter Stadius from Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki and Nordic Council president Jorodd Asphjell (Ap). The conversation is led by UiO:Norden's director and chair of ReNEW steering group, Tore Rem.

The discussion that was organized on 24 May 2023 is now available as an episode in #PolyPod, a podcast from Polyteknisk Forening.

Listen to the podcast here: #PolyPod: Norden – hva nå?