Nordic Day 2023: Discussion on Nordic cooperation in the new security policy situation

Breakfast and panel discussion "Med krig i nærområdene, hvor går Norden?", 23 March 2023, Domus Bibliotheca, Oslo

The war in Ukraine has changed the Nordic region. With Sweden and Finland on their way into NATO, new opportunities for closer Nordic cooperation are opening up. At the same time, the Nordic Council has begun to discuss whether there is a need to revise the Helsinki Agreement - also referred to as the "Nordic Constitution", so that the agreement also includes Nordic cooperation on security and preparedness. What consequences will the new security policy situation have for Nordic cooperation? What do the changes do to the Nordics' position - in Europe and the world? Should we have a Nordic defense commission, as, among others, former Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson recently advocated? 

The discussion is arranged by UiO:Norden, Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers, Stortinget and Nordforsk.

In the panel: 

Anniken Huitfeldt (Ap), Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hårek Elvenes (H), Member of Parliament's Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence
Jorodd Asphjell (Ap), President of the Nordic Council for 2023.
Kristin Haugevik, Senior Research Fellow in the Research Group on Global Order and Diplomacy
Rasmus Emborg, (Socialdemokraterne), President of the Nordic Youth Council
Peter Stadius, Professor, University of Helsinki and ReNEW

For more information visit Facebook event: Med krig i nærområdene, hvor går Norden?