New publication: The geopolitics of Nordic television drama

A special issue of Nordicom Review, "Dark Screens: The geopolitics of Nordic television drama", edited by Pei-Sze Chow, Robert A. Saunders and Anne Marit Waade examines the contemporary Nordic Noir genre of crime drama.

This special collection of articles emerged from a two-day ReNEW workshop on the topic “Nordic Noir, Geopolitics, and the North” held at Aarhus University, Denmark, 4–5 October 2018. Recognising the unabating popularity of the Nordic Noir genre, the workshop sought to extend current media-cultural discussions of Nordic crime television drama to critically assess how topical geopolitical developments both influence and are interrogated within these fictional narratives. Over two days of presentations and discussions, participants worked to bridge the gap between diverse but cognate disciplines such as Scandinavian studies, film and television, literature, geography, and international relations (IR).

The special issue features geopolitical television an emerging interdisciplinary field of study that goes far beyond Nordic crime series, and one that reflects the interrelation between television narratives and conditions of power, place, and space in innovative and affective ways. Set against the current global fascination with the Nordic region, this special issue expands the scholarship of geopolitical television within and beyond Norden. The subsequent articles highlight the growing power of Nordic crime fiction, and especially its screened offshoots, in an increasingly interconnected world, while also providing greater insight into how the region sees itself.

The publication is open access, read the full issue on Sciendo:

Nordicom Review, Volume 41: Issue s1: 

Dark Screens: The geopolitics of Nordic television drama