New publication on the Nordic model

It is our pleasure to announce that a special issue of Regulation & Governance on the Nordic model by Caroline de la Porte, Mads Dagnis Jensen and Jon Kvist is online.

Nordic countries are known for having extensive welfare services, a highly compressed wage structure owing to strong social partners, as well as effective regulation and governance in public administration. Various typologies capture aspects of the institutional features of families of nations across various policy areas, showing that there is a specific Nordic variant of political economy. While there is an extensive literature focusing on socio-economic outcomes in the Nordic countries, there is less scholarly focus on the linkages between the regulatory processes, and their policy output, in response to various challenges. This volume examines how exogenous challenges (market liberalization promoted by EU integration and the gig economy, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic) and endogenous challenges in the welfare state (regulation of child-care quality and retirement ages) are tackled in a selection of Nordic countries.

Here is a brief video summarizing the purpose of the special issue and presenting the introductory article.


Going Nordic – Can the Nordic Model Tackle Grand Challenges and Be a Beacon to Follow? Caroline de la Porte, Mads Dagnis Jensen and Jon Kvist

Will there be a Nordic model in the platform economy? Evasive and integrative platform strategies in Denmark and Sweden, Anna Ilsøe & Carl Fredrik Söderqvist

The embedded flexibility of Nordic labor market models under pressure from EU-induced dualization—The case of posted work in Denmark and Sweden, Jens Arnholtz

Still a poster child for social investment? Changing regulatory dynamics of early childhood education and care in Denmark and Sweden, Caroline de la Porte, Trine Larsen and Åsa Lundqvist

Regulating the retirement age—Lessons from Nordic pension policy approaches, Fritz von Nordheim and Jon Kvist

The Nordic governments' responses to the Covid-19 pandemic: A comparative study of variation in governance arrangements and regulatory instruments, Tom Christensen, Mads Dagnis Jensen, Michael Kluth, Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson, Kennet Lynggaard, Per Lægreid, Risto Niemikari, Jon Pierre, Tapio Raunio, Gústaf Adolf Skúlason