New publication: Nordic Criminal Justice in a Global Context

We are happy to announce a new publication in the Routledge book series “Nordic Studies in a Global Context”.

Nordic Criminal Justice in a Global Context. Practices and Promotion of Exceptionalism.

Edited by Mikkel Jarle Christensen, Kjersti Lohne, Magnus Hörnqvist

This book critically investigates Nordic criminal justice as a global role model. Not taking this role for granted, the chapters of the book analyze how Nordic approaches to criminal justice were folded into global contexts, and how patterns of promotion were built around perceptions that these approaches also had a particular value for other criminal justice systems. Specific actors, both internal and external to the region itself, have branded Nordic criminal justice as a form of ‘penal exceptionalism’ associated with human rights, universalistic welfare, and social cohesion. The book shows how building and using the brand of Nordic criminal justice allowed stakeholders to champion specific forms of crime control across a variety of criminal justice areas in both domestic and international settings.

This book is also available open access.

Read more on the publisher's website: Nordic Criminal Justice in a Global Context: Practices and Promotion o (