New publication: Den nordiske bibel

A special issue of popular science journal Bibliana," Den nordiske bibel ", edited by Søren Lorenzen and Kasper Bro Larsen discusses whether there is a Nordic Bible.

The widespread international interest in the Nordic region has led to talks about the Nordic wave: from Nordic cuisine, over Nordic Noir detective stories to the Nordic welfare model. But is there also a Nordic Bible? Is there a Nordic way to approach the Bible? A special issue of Bibliana (2/2020), Danish popular science journal on the Bible, Den nordiske bibel, examines how the Bible is used in the Nordic countries today. University researchers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland write about the Bible in the welfare state, in the political debate, in new translations and in manga comics. 

Most of the contributions in this issue have emerged in connection with the research seminar "The Nordic Bible: Bible Reception in Contemporary Nordic Identity Formation" at Aarhus University, the University of Oslo and the University of Helsinki with support from ReNEW. Results of the seminar will also be included in a volume to be published later with De Gruyter.