New book: Nordic Experiences in Pan-nationalisms: A Reappraisal and Comparison, 1840-1940

Nordic Experiences in Pan-nationalisms: A Reappraisal and Comparison, 1840-1940, edited by Ruth Hemstad and Peter Stadius was launch at the 6th Nordic Challenges Conference in Oslo.

This book seeks to reassess and shed new light on pan-nationalisms in general and on Scandinavianism/Nordism in particular, by seeing them as possible futures and as interconnected ideas and practices across and beyond Europe.

An actor- and practice-oriented approach is applied at the expense of more essentialist categorisations of what pan-nationalism is, or is not, to underline both the synchronic and diachronic diversity of various pan-national movements. A range of expert international scholars discuss encounters, transfers, similarities and differences among pan-movements in Norden and Europe based on a broad empirical material, focusing on Scandinavianism/Nordism, pan-Slavism, pan-Turanism, pan-Germanism and Greater Netherlandism, and the position of Britishness in Great Britain.

The book is open access and available on Routledge's eBook platform: Nordic Experiences in Pan-nationalismsA Reappraisal and Comparison, 1840–1940.

The book is part of the UiO:Nordic project Nordic Civil Societies and funded by ReNEW and Letterstedtska.