AP Moller Foundation supports ReNEW-backed research dissemination project

In its latest Nordic-themed call, the AP Moller Foundation has awarded nordics.info funding to create a New Nordic Lexicon with help from the ReNEW network.

The New Nordic Lexicon will bring experts and students together in a research-based discussion about society, history and culture. It will comprise of 50+ Nordic terms and concepts in English & a variety of Nordic languages. Students and researchers from across the Nordic countries will help to choose which terms and concepts will be included, and their discussions will be shared via associated films and podcasts.

Which Nordic terms and concepts would you choose?

Although the lexicon will not be launched until 2023, consultation on which terms and concepts to  include will start very soon, so you are welcome to get in touch with editor of nordics.info Nicola Witcombe at nwitcombe@cas.au.dk if you would like to be involved, or if you would like to get your students involved.

The lexicon has kindly been made possible by the support of the A.P. Moller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Moller Foundation (A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal).

Read more about the lexicon and nordics.info here: The New Nordic Lexicon.