Nordic Challenges

Welcome to #CENS2018 in Helsinki

Welcome to the Second Nordic Challenges Conference arranged by the Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS) at the University of Helsinki in collaboration with UiO:Nordic. It is an international cross-disciplinary conference, gathering scholars from the humanities, social sciences and beyond under a wider umbrella of Norden-related study and research, and held in English. The conference is the follow-up to Global Challenges ‒ Nordic Experiences arranged by UiO:Norden at the University of Oslo in March 2017.

The conference is also a response to an articulated need for new research on the Nordic region and its global relations, and to promote debate on current challenges facing the Nordic societies. The theme is narratives of uniformity and diversity.

The conference is also the starting event for the new Nordic University Hub, ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World), a Nordic Studies Excellence Hub, funded by Nordforsk for the time period of 2018-2023, in cooperation with matching funding from the participating universities. ReNEW is lead by the Universty of Helsinki (CENS) and the other partners are: University of Oslo, Södertörn Unversity, Aarhus University, Iceland University and Copenhagen Business School.

The conference programme has now been published, please check under programme!

Conference theme, program and keynotes