SIG 24 Conference, October 26-28, 2022

Biannual Meeting of SIG24 Researcher Education and Careers at University of Helsinki.

Are you conducting research on early career researchers and researcher careers or someone who is interested in knowing more about research on early career researcher development? If so, come and join us.  

The international meeting aims to advance research on early career researcher development and careers by mapping the most recent research on the field. The meeting brings together the work of scholars who focus on researcher education and development in different disciplinary contexts. This biannual meeting intends to identify the gaps (including methods, topics and theories) in the field, and by doing this promoting innovative and cutting edge research on researcher development. The seminar is intended to those early career and advanced researchers who want to develop the scholarly work and their expertise in the field.

This meeting is designed to stimulate discussion about the theoretical and methodological gaps underlying research into the researcher development. Our goal is to encourage dialogue and research.  

The seminar is organized by Center for University Teaching and Learning, University of Helsinki in collaboration with EARLI Special Interest Group 24: Researcher Education and Careers. The seminar is a biannual meeting of the SIG24: Researcher Education and Careers. The event is given by an international researcher network specialized in research on doctoral education and researcher careers.