Eric Carver's Podcast 04/23

The 29th episode of the Student Guidance at the University podcast.
The guestst in this episodes are Lotta Tikkanen and Henrika Anttila, who work as university lecturers in University Pedagogy at the Center for University Pedagogy (HYPE) at the University of Helsinki.
Guests Lotta Tikkanen & Henrika Anttila

This episode focuses on supervising theses and especially dissertations. What kind of research information do we have about theses guidance? What is the thesis supervision training like? What do instructors want to learn when they come to the trainings? Should the supervisors of doctoral researchers be required to have training, some kind of "driver's license for supervision"? How should management skills be developed in the future?

The duration of the episode is 39 minutes.

Podcast language: Finnish.