PhD researchers

Doctoral researcher working in Ecophysiology group

Our doctoral researchers:

Aleksanteri Mauranen

Stomatal control, tree water relations and photosynthesis modelling.

My PhD project focuses on the theory of stomatal control and gas exchange in trees. I've been developing a new theoretical framework for stomatal control functions and trying it out using the land surface model JSBACH. I'm also part of the micrometeorology group at INAR / Physics.


Atte Kumpu
Che Liu

Xylem, nutrition, tree growth modelling

Focused on the height growth decline of old-growth trees, my research centralizes on the hydraulic dynamics and nutrition conditions of the predominant tree species of Finland. Both field measurements and laboratory means are employed in my studies, yet in mathematics I the most trust.

Donggyu Kam

Tree ecophysiology, hydraulic conductance, root systems, drought stress

I am now focusing on the hydraulic conductance of the Scots pine root system, especially effects of the root length on hydraulic properties. In addition, i will cover the implication of hydraulic conductance of the root systems for the distribution of soil water and modeling draught.

Gonzalo de Quesada Alzamora

My research project focuses on the biogeochemical and biophysical feedbacks from forest harvesting. More specifically I study the impact of forest management in tree physiology and the tree-soil interactions in different soil conditions. 


Jie Xu

Tree root growth, morphology and rhizosphere microbiology

My main topic is to study how forest managements and climate changes affect tree root growth, morphology and rhizosphere microbiology. In addition, I will study the interaction between root and rhizosphere microorganisms.

  • +358 456685479
  • Viikki, B building, room K115
Lukas Bornholdt

Forest management options in sustainable forestry

I study how different forest management options affect wooden plants physiology, soils, microbes, and their interactions in boreal forests. The aim is to draw conclusions on how different forest management options affect the resilience of boreal forests to climate change in order to ensure a sustainable forestry in the future.



Magdalena Held

Tree ecophysiology, xylem and phloem anatomy, tree hydraulics

I want to know, how trees can acclimate to drought and to gain new insight into tree hydraulic architecture. Therefore, I study xylem traits, especially pits, as well as phloem traits in trees grown on sites with different water availability. Also, I want to understand better how structure and function are coupled and will combine hydraulic and anatomical measurements. 


Man Hu

Forest modelling under climate change, remote sensing

My  thesis is working on the process-based modelling on forest under climate change, and also try to combine with remote sensing data to develop on a larger area.

Manqing Tian
  • Viikki, B building room 519
  • ORCID: 0000-0001-9633-7350
  • More information in research database TUHAT, and Forest Modelling Group page
Mengqi Cao

Forest phenotyping  study based on multi-source remote sensing

I completed my MSc in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, where my thesis focused on mapping grassland canopy cover in China through the integration of extensive drone imagery and satellite data. My PhD study focus on drone remote sensing and multispectral remote sensing.

  • +358 (0) 41 726 9378
  • email: mengqi.cao (@)
  • Viikki, B building, room 310
Tuuli-Maaret Miettunen

My PhD project focuses on energy partitioning in and between photosystems I and II during light reactions.  To understand the variability spatial (e.g. species, environmental conditions) factors cause to these mechanisms in daily and seasonal scale, I will perform optical and gas-exchange measurements both in field and laboratory conditions.

  • Viikki, B-building room 310
  • +358 504485845
  • Department of Biosciences, Viikinkaari 1 room 6414

  • ORCID: 
  • More information in research database TUHAT
Xin Zhuang

Drought impacts on plant phloem physiology

I am working as a doctoral student on the physiology of phloem transport. Particularly, I want to study how stress impact carbon and water fluxes inside plant individuals. Previously I worked on provenance/inheritance based plant trait variation and plant invasion physiology. I am generally interested in plant sciences, ecology, biogeography and paleontology.


Yuwen Zang

Plant drought resilience

My research interests lie in plant physiology and forest ecology. I started my advantage in plant water relations during my master’s study, where I investigated the influence of soil water/nutrient availabilities on the long-distance hydraulic pathway. My PhD project centered on plant drought resilience, with an emphasis on carbon- and hydraulic-related physiological processes.