Does the forest answer in the way you call to it?

(Finnish proverb). Forests affect their environment in multiple ways, but their functions also depend on the changes in climate and environment. We study the processes and responses of boreal forest ecosystems on different levels, from the scale of tree parts and soil particles to the scale of landscape. We seek to understand how the environment affects the functioning of a single plant or whole forest, and how, inversely, the forests can influence their surroundings. These questions are important when trying to understand and predict the impacts of warming climate on the environment and evaluating the importance of forested areas in mitigating climate change.
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Yearly mushroom hunt in Nuuksio few weeks ago with @EcoPhysGroup 🍂 This year we had also mushroom exhibition and bu……

11th International Workshop on Sap Flow in Hyytiälä. What a great group!

This is a week of sap flow workshop organised at @HyytialaHY…

The autumn is here. 80 conifer saplings sitting in a sand bed, waiting to be frozen ❄