Professors of the group

In our professor team there are:

Jaana Bäck (group leader)

BVOC's, VOC emissions, biosphere-atmosphere interactions

My main research topic is how biosphere influences the chemical composition of the atmosphere, in particular the biosynthesis and emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC's) from both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. These processes significantly influence the atmospheric aerosol formation in the boreal forested areas, and are thus contributing to climate change.


Anna Lintunen (associate professor)

Transport processes, freezing, embolism

My research is on tree structure and function, especially on transport processes within the tree and on the challenges these processes face in different environments. My special interest is on freezing behavior of wood.

Annikki Mäkelä

Forest production ecology, forest growth, wood quality, process-based growth modeling

My research field is production ecology, and my special interests are in understanding how trees capture resources and how they allocate them to form a spectrum of structures that appear so well adapted to the prevailing environment. I lead the Forest Modelling Research Group which develops theories and models of tree function, structure, and growth, and applies these to questions relevant to forest management under changing environmental conditions and alternative management objectives.

Teemu Hölttä

Xylem transport, phloem transport, tree water relations

My research focuses on the water transport from the ground up to the leaves in the xylem and the transport of sugars from the leaves into other parts of the tree in the phloem. The transport processes and their functionality in varying seasons and environmental conditions create limitations for tree size and structure and also affect the carbon assimilation capacity of a tree.

  • +358 (0)2 941 58134
  • Viikki, B building room 311
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  • More information in research database TUHAT, and the page of Forest Modelling Group
Timo Vesala

Bisosphere-atmosphere interactions, micrometeorology, carbon and water cycles on forest, wetland, lake and urban environments, deposition

  •  +358 40 577 9008
  • Viikki, B building room 314 (Mon & Fri) 

    / Kumpula, Dynamicum room 1D05b (Tue-Thurs)
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-4852-7464
  • Researcher ID: C-3795-2017
  • Twitter: @vesala2
  • More information in research database TUHAT
Mari Pihlatie

Greenhouse gases in boreal forest soil and trees, methane, nitrous oxide

Greenhouse gas sources and sinks in boreal forest soils and trees, processes of methane and nitrous oxide exchange and factors affecting the fluxes. Seasonality in the production, transport and emissions of CH4 from trees in boreal forest ecosystems, revealing sources of biological methane production in boreal upland forests.

Albert Porcar-Castell

Tree ecophysiology, photosynthesis, optical expression of plant stress and regulation, remote sensing

My research focuses on how to interpret the spectral dynamics of the radiation reflected or emitted by leaves and plant canopies. These spectral properties are a rich source of  information that relates to multiple biochemical, functional and structural properties of vegetation. My goal is to develop new methods and mechanistic understanding to facilitate the physiological and meaningful interpretation of these data, from the leaf to the ecosystem and regional levels.

Jussi Heinonsalo

Soil, carbon and nitrogen cycling, microbiology and chemistry

My major research interest is carbon cycling in forest and agricultural soils and the role of mycorrhizal fungi in belowground carbon dynamics. In addition, I am interested in the enzymes as well as other metabolites (VOC-compounds, bioactive compounds, microbial litter) produced by fungi. I use microbiological, chemical and isotopic (13C, 15N, 14C) methods in my work, and currently collaborate tightly with soil C modelers in order to incorporate novel experimental data into models for better model predictions on soil C pools. My earlier projects include studies on fungal bioremediation and biodiversity.

Ram Oren (visiting professor)

Biosphere-atmosphere Interactions; Water-Carbon Cycles of Forests; Eco-hydrology; Ecosystem Physiology and Productivity

With my graduate students, I quantify components of the water and carbon cycles in forest ecosystems, and their responses to biotic and abiotic factors, and to climate variability. The hydraulics of water flow from soil via plants into the atmosphere, and the exchange of water for atmospheric CO2, are among the best understood processes in plant and ecosystem physiology. Using related theories, local mass balance approaches, and detailed measurements of water and carbon flux and driving variables in the soil, plants, and the atmosphere, I have been attempting to assess the likely responses of forest ecosystems, from the Equator to the Arctic Circle, to environmental change and management.

Pertti Hari (emeritus)



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  • Viikki, B building room 314
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  • More information in research database TUHAT