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Urban trees, soils and ecosystems, and urban ecosystem services

ORCID: 0000-0002-5762-6173

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Sub-canopy VOC emissions

I examined the effect of sub-canopy removal (undergrowth thinning) on the exchange of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) between the forest stand and the atmosphere. I also considered the impact of soil moisture, temperature, and photosynthetically active radiation on this relationship. Plant-released VOCs, in addition to their role in plant growth, reproduction, and defense, have important implications for the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, studying how sub-canopy removal affects plant VOCs emission is of practical and theoretical significance.  

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Methane emissions from trees in boreal forests

My PhD project focused on studying non-microbial CH4 emissions from the foliage of boreal tree species. I’m mostly interested in how these emissions are affected by different environmental factors.