We are an interdisciplinary research team focusing on spatial big data analytics for fair and sustainable societies. We want to understand spatial interactions between people, and between people and their environment, from local to global scales. Much of our work examines human mobility and accessibility from different perspectives. Methodologically, we are experts in mining and analysing spatial data, ranging from user-generated data (social media, mobile phones, sports apps) to traditional data sources (spatial databases, registries, surveys). We advance the development of spatial analysis methods and tools and combine them with machine learning. When handling data or publishing results, we pay special attention to ethical and privacy issues.
Our work contributes to urban geography, land use and transport planning, sustainability science and conservation geography. We strive for creativity and critical thinking in our research. We are forerunners in open science, publishing tools and data openly whenever possible. We actively share our knowledge through high quality teaching and good science communication. In our daily lab life, we support each other by being collaborative, respectful and kind.

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