The members of our group are actively involved in teaching at the Department of Geosciences and Geography. Here's a listing of the course run by the Digital Geography Lab staff.


Course Teaching period Teachers Link
Automating GIS processes (GEOG-329) Autumn/2nd period Henrikki Tenkanen, Vuokko Heikinheimo https://autogis.github.io/
GIS in Society (GEOG-406) Autumn and spring/1st-4th period
(every other year)
Tuuli Toivonen https://courses.helsinki.fi/fi/geog-406
Introduction to advanced geoinformatics (GEOG-G301) Spring/3rd period Tuuli Toivonen, Vuokko Heikinheimo, Sakari Sarjakoski, Tuomas Väisänen, Elias Willberg https://courses.helsinki.fi/fi/geog-g301/125350982
Introduction to Python programming (GEOG-329) Autumn/1st period Henrikki Tenkanen, David Whipp, Vuokko Heikinheimo https://geo-python.github.io/
M.Sc. thesis literature in geoinformatics (GEOG-G305) / Advanced literature in geoinformatics (GEOG-G304 Autumn and spring/1st-4th period Tuuli Toivonen https://courses.helsinki.fi/fi/geog-g305/126430729
Open GIS & Spatial Data Infrastructures (GEOG-323) Spring/4th period
(every other year)
Elias Willberg, Claudia Bergroth, Markus Holopainen,Tuuli Toivonen https://courses.helsinki.fi/fi/geog-323/125351525

Quantitative methods for sustainable land use planning (QMSLUP) I: Accessibility and mobility analyses (GEOG-326)

Autumn/2nd period
(every other year)
Olle Järv, Tuuli Toivonen https://courses.helsinki.fi/fi/geog-326/126387493