Current projects

Project Duration People Funding
Sustainable conservation outcomes for protected areas 2020-2026 Johanna Eklund, Ari-Pekka Jokinen, Tuuli Toivonen Academy of Finland & Kone Foundation & University of Helsinki
Tracing Interactions and Mobilities Beyond State Borders: Towards New Transnational Spaces (BORDERSPACE) 2020-2025 Olle Järv, Kerli Müürisepp, Tuomas Väisänen Academy of Finland
Sporttia stadiin / Urban exerciser  2018-2023 Tuuli Toivonen, Elias Willberg Amer Cultural Foundation
Mapping the linguistic landscape of the Helsinki metropolitan area: From linguistic groups to discourse communities 2020-2022 Tuomo Hiippala, Tuomas Väisänen, Hanna-Mari Pienimäki, Tuuli Toivonen, Olle Järv, Henrikki Tenkanen, Kerli Müürisepp, Vuokko Heikinheimo

Emil Aaltonen Foundation

Socio-spatial dialogues in the city: Tracing spatial mobilities, social engagement and integration using big data 2018-2022 Kerli Müürisepp, Olle Järv, Tuuli Toivonen, Tiit Tammaru Kone Foundation
Crossing social and spatial borders as an everyday life: Big data to reveal transnational people, their mobilities and spaces 2017-2022 Olle Järv, Kerli Müürisepp, Tuomas Väisänen, Samuli Massinen Kone Foundation & University of Helsinki
HOPE – Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone 2019-2021 Tuuli Toivonen, Age Poom, Joose Helle, Elias Willberg, Tuomas Väisänen Urban Innovative Actions
Social media data for conservation science 2016-2021 Tuuli Toivonen, Vuokko Heikinheimo, Henrikki Tenkanen, Anna Hausmann, Enrico Di Minin, Christoph Fink, Tuomo Hiippala, Olle Järv, Tuomas Väisänen Kone Foundation
Whose city? Investigating modal equity and parallel realities of accessibility in urban environments with big data 2019-2020 Henrikki Tenkanen Finnish Cultural Foundation
Disentangling factors affecting protected area effectiveness: the role of governance 2017-2020 Johanna Eklund Kone Foundation
Spatial Planning of Urban Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 2017-2020 Joel Jalkanen, Henna Fabritius Kone Foundation & Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation
Science workshops on novel and open data sources and approaches to study urban accessibility and mobility / NECTAR 2019 conference 2017-2020 Tuuli Toivonen, Elias Willberg, Henrikki Tenkanen, Maria Salonen, Olle Järv, Kerli Müürisepp Finnish Cultural Foundation

Finished projects

Project                                                         Duration   People                                                  Funding
Biking as part of sustainable urban mobility 2017-2019 Maria Salonen, Henrikki Tenkanen, Elias Willberg, Tuuli Toivonen Helsinki Metropolitan Region Urban Research Program
Using computer vision for multimodal analysis                         2017 Tuomo Hiippala                                             City of Helsinki & Finnish Cultural Foundation
MetropAccess - Accessibility analyses in a metropolitan context                               2011-2017 Tuuli Toivonen, Henrikki Tenkanen, Maria Salonen Helsinki Metropolitan Region Urban Research Program & University of Helsinki

Collaborator's projects