Guide for participants

You are welcome to participate!

Please take care to arrive in good time. If you are going to be late, please inform the experimenter by phone. In some studies, you may be asked to fill in forms or questionnaires in advance. If so, please remember to bring the forms with you.

You do not need to prepare for the experiment in any particular way, unless the experimenter has given you special instructions. However, we hope you won't show up very tired, intoxicated or ill. If you aren't feeling well or are tired, simply contact the experimenter to reschedule.

If you use contact lenses, we would prefer you to bring glasses instead and leave the contact lenses at home.

Should your experiment take place outside the office hours (Mon-Fri 09-17), the door into the department may be locked. Under these circumstances, please make sure that you have the experimenter's phone number.

If you want more details about the study you're going to participate in, please contact us.

What happens during the study

The following text is about our EEG studies. Occasionally, we use behavioural and other measures instead of EEG. When participating in these studies, you will receive separate instructions regarding participation.

Prior to the start of the experiment, we will place an electrode cap on you. In order to measure the electrical activity of your brain, we connect electrodes to your scalp with a bit of water-soluble gel. The preparations usually take approximately 20 minutes.

Experiments usually consist of different parts, of which some may include an active task and in others you just hear sounds. In active tasks, you will be presented different types of stimuli and you need to react to them in some manner, such as by pressing a button. In passive tasks no reactions to sounds are required – usually, you are simply instructed to watch a movie without sounds for the duration of the experiment.

As a research method, EEG (electroencephalography) is quick, non-invasive, and safe. The only inconvenience that you may experience is the small amount of water-soluble gel left in your hair. Because of this, you can use the shower and wash your hair after the study. We provide you with shampoo and a towel.

If the experiment is long and you feel tired, please ask for a break. We will also offer you some coffee/tea and a small snack.

Privacy and the recorded data

When participating, you will be asked to read and sign a consent form, which allows the researcher to use the recorded data for a scientific purpose. In most of our studies, we do not inspect data recorded from individual subjects but rather averages of a larger group. If detailed analysis and publication of individual data is necessary, all the data are both analysed and reported anonymously.

Reward for participating

The most common reward we offer is movie tickets. It is possible to get a small amount of money instead, but in that case, taxes need to be paid and you should bring your tax card.

Interested in participating?

We are constantly looking for people with different backgrounds to participate in our experiments. If you are interested in participating, please contact us. The best way to contact us is by sending an e-mail or replying to a specific recruitment call. The currently active experiments can be found on the recruitment page.

In your e-mail, please mention your name, age, and contact details. Occasionally, we are also looking for babies and children to participate in child-friendly studies. If you are interested in participating with your child, please mention the age of your child in your e-mail.