Contact information

CBRU belongs to two faculties and is located on two campuses: the Central campus (Faculty of Educational Sciences) and the Meilahti campus (Faculty of Medicine) of the University of Helsinki. Please see mailing addresses to both below. If you are participating in one of our studies, please check the exact location with the researcher, as we conduct studies outside our university campus as well.

Contact information for our personnel can be found at the university's research portal. Follow links to personal researcher profiles from our list of active personnel.


CBRU at the Faculty of Educational Sciences is located in the Kruununhaka area of Helsinki city centre. You will find most of our researchers in Minerva, easily spotted as the modern building amongst the traditional architechture of this historical campus.

Research director Mari Tervaniemi
Cognitive Brain Research Unit
Faculty of Educational Sciences
FI-00014 University of Helsinki


Meilahti campus is located in the western central region of Helsinki city. You will find CBRU at the Haartman Institute, a white building opposite to the Helsinki University Central Hospital and Biomedicum.

Professor Teija Kujala
Cognitive Brain Research Unit
Faculty of Medicine
POB 21
FI-00014 University of Helsinki