Colour4CRAFTS Advisory Board Confirmed

We are pleased to announce the members of our advisory board.

The Colour4CRAFTS advisory board members are experienced researchers, experts and industry leaders from international partner universities, institutions, and businesses. The advisory board will provide support and feedback to advance the achievement of the project’s goals through knowledge exchange, co-creating project outputs, and engaging in research dialogues with consortium’s members.

Introducing our advisory board members

Paul Hamilton is Technical Director of Regenex, a branch of Bulmer & Lumb Group in the United Kingdom. With over 38 years of textile experience, Hamilton is an expert in industrial-scale dyeing using a wide range of textiles. He is also actively involved in providing vocational training and skill development courses related to colouration practices, textile cleaning processes and manufacturing in the textile industry. (Pictured in top left)

Liisi Jääts is a curator at the Estonian National Museum. Having studied history and ethnology at the University of Tartu, Jääts has curated several exhibitions and published on the topics of cultural heritage and environmental history. (Pictured in the top right)

Anna Kirveennummi is a project researcher with the Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku. She has over twenty years of experience in futures research, in which her own research focuses on qualitative knowledge formation processes and everyday life. (Pictured in the bottom left)

Finally, Irina Petroviciu is chemist and researcher with the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest. She has over twenty-five years of experience in heritage science and is currently involved in the EuroWeb COST Action, “Europe through Textiles”. Her research focuses on organic materials in museum objects, mainly dyes and textiles. (Pictured in the bottom right)

Colour4CRAFTS advisory board going forward

Each board member’s expertise and experience supports and informs specific parts of the project: history and craft tradition, futures research and scenario planning, scientific analysis and modifications, and industry sustainability and innovation. 

We look forward to collaborating with our highly experienced board members, who will provide insights and help guide the project’s research activities and to advance the project’s innovation and sustainable results after Colour4CRAFTS has ended. 

The advisory board will meet with the consortium annually, starting with this summer’s consortium meeting (10–12 June 2024) in Rovaniemi, Finland.

For more information about our advisory board members, visit: