This page features the various platforms used for exchanging knowledge about Colour4CRAFTS and to engage with our community of researchers, partners, and the general public. Through these platforms, we will share the latest news, research progress, announcements about project activities, events, and the dissemination of project results with our audiences.
Colour4CRAFTS Blog

Launching in Autumn 2024

The Colour4CRAFTS blog is a research outlet that primarily functions to engage in knowledge exchange related to the project’s research methods, progress, and activities. The blog will also include contributions that highlight archival and experimental research findings related to dyeing and colouration practices, the inclusion of interdisciplinary fields of research and methodologies, the development of pedagogical practices related to craft skills and dyeing techniques, and the various processes of scientific analysis used within the project. The blog will consist of monthly contributions from the project’s researchers, students, partners, and stakeholders. The blog is overseen by the Colour4CRAFTS Principal Investigator, Riikka Räisänen, and the Project Coordinator, Dustin M. Neighbors, serves as the blog’s Editor-in-Chief.

Colour4CRAFTS Podcast

Launching in Autumn 2024

The Colour4CRAFTS podcast is an engagement platform aimed at interacting and exchanging knowledge with our diverse audiences as a way of highlighting the research and enhancing the project’s relevance. Each podcast episode seeks to uncover the meanings of colour, showcase the connections between colours and textile production, craft skills, and heritage practices, and explore the experiences and future of colour within wider society by highlighting the project's research activities, project results, and public events. As such, each monthly episode will feature discussions and interviews with the various project researchers, industry experts, and members of the public that are involved throughout the course of the Colour4CRAFTS project.

Social Media Channels

Along with the project's website, Colour4CRAFTS’ social media channels and outreach platforms will operate as the central method of communication and engagement with crafters and industry experts, the general public, enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders, as well as the project's researchers and partners. In addition to the platforms indicated above, Colour4CRAFTS can be found on the following social media channels: 

  • X (formerly Twitter); 
  • Instagram; 
  • YouTube. 

Be sure to follow us on the various social media platforms via the links below, to stay up-to-date with Colour4CRAFTS.