Research Connections

This page is dedicated to developing a research community of relevant projects, research networks, partners and interproject support. Here you will find links to a variety of great projects, researchers and organisations.
Colour4CRAFTS' Memberships


X (formerly Twitter): @TextileETP




Affiliated Projects


X (formerly Twitter): @BioColourFI

Instagram: @biocolour

EU Craft Cluster - Sister Projects


X (formerly Twitter): @HephaestusEU

Instagram: @hephaestuscraft

CRAEFT (Craft Understanding, Education, Training, and Preservation for Posterity and Prosperity)

Instagram: @craeft_project

Tracks4Crafts (Transforming crafts knowledge for a sustainable, inclusive and economically viable heritage in Europe)

X (formerly Twitter): @Tracks4Crafts

Mingei (Representation and Preservation of Heritage Crafts)

X (formerly Twitter): @Mingei_project

Instagram: @mingei_project

Crafters and Craft Organisations