Doctoral degrees offered by the University of Helsinki are of a high quality and enjoy international recognition. Doctoral graduates from the University of Helsinki possess excellent skills and knowledge for research work and other demanding expert positions in both Finnish and international businesses and organisations. Would you like to be one of them?

Faculties and departments organise doctoral education in the form of systematic and goal-oriented doctoral programmes, which offer training that can be included in doctoral degrees completed at one or several faculties. A doctoral degree may, as decided by the faculty, include courses and modules offered by one or several doctoral programmes and doctoral schools.

A doctoral degree awarded by the University of Helsinki consists of a doctoral dissertation and related research as well as postgraduate studies of a scope of 60–80 credits (40–60 credits in degrees in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine). The postgraduate studies include courses and modules in the students’ research fields as well as more general studies that enhance their expertise.