Workshops, greenhouses and sampling equipment

Workshops, greenhouses and sampling equipment


LBS has a metal and wood workshop with tools available to construct apparati necessary for research. Our research technicians also provide advice and assistance when using the workshop. 


LBS has one large industrial greenhouse with adjustable roof vents available for research. A second smaller glass greenhouse (approximately 25m2) is also available. Please contact research coordinator John Loehr for information on availability. 

Sampling equipment

LBS has a large selection of field equipment available to visiting researchers including:

Aquatic sampling:
Plankton nets (various mesh sizes)
Dip nets
YSI devices (water temperature & oxygen concentration)
Ekman samplers
Limnos samplers (various sizes)
Water current measurer
Underwater light meter
Temperature loggers

Terrestrial sampling:
Portable weather station
Light meter
Butterfly nets
Large live trap (beaver, raccoon dog, fox etc.)
Ugglan rodent live traps
Mouse traps
Pitfall traps
Window traps
Peat corer
Soil sampler
Bat detector
Spotting scope

Field equipment:
Life jackets
Rubber boots
Rain jackets
Snowmobile helmets and suits
GPS devices
Snowshoes and skis
Depth sounders

Please contact us to verify whether we have the sampling equipment you need for your work.