Water chemistry and microscopy laboratories

Available for water analysis and microscopy.

LBS' laboratory supports the ecological and environmental science research and teaching at the station. The services and infrastructure provided by the laboratory can be accessed by all researchers, research groups and teachers.

The laboratory is specialized in water chemistry analysis and there is a broad range of analysis and field equipment available. There are separate spaces available for processing samples, microscopy and isotope analyses. 

It is also possible to order sampling and analyses from our laboratory.

Information and instructions for users of the laboratory are here. Unfortunately, at the moment they are in Finnish. Please discuss with our laboratory staff to arrange an introduction to working in the laboratory.

Analysis equipment and instruments
  • Nutrient analysis automated analysis equipment (Gallery Plus, Lachat Quic Chem-FIA)
  • Organic carbon and nitrogen analysis (Shimadzu TOC-5000 A, Shimadzu TOC-VCPH/TNM-1230V)
  • Ion analysis (Dionex)
  • Gas and fatty acid analysis gas chromatography (Agilent Technologies 6890N, Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus HS-20 AOC-20i)
  • Metal analysis AAS-analysis (Varian SpectrAA 220FS)
  • Photometric analysis (Shimadzu spectrophotometer (2) and Hitatchi Fluorometer)
  • Radioactivity analysis (Tri carb 2800 Low Activity Liquid Scintillation Analyzer)
  • Titrator (Mettler Toledo) 
  • Other equipment: turbidity analyzer, centrifuges, oven, -80C freezer, muffle oven, autoclaves, weigh scales, temperature contol cabinets, pH and conductivity analyzers, ultrasound equipment, tangential filter equipment, drying cabinets etc.

We have a large selection of stereomicroscopes (Leica, Zeiss, Wild), inverted microscopes (Leica, Wild, Olympus) and upright microscopes (Wild, Nikon) as well as a separate room in our laboratory for their use. 

Field equipment
  • Oxygen and temperature analysis (3 YSI-analyzers, 1 Marvet)
  • Algae pigment, oxygen and conductivity analyzers (YSI 6600 V2 and YSI 600 OMS VS)
  • Field fluorometer (Turner/Cyclops, Trios, Seapoint)
  • Solar radiation measurement (Licor)
  • Current measurement (Schiltknecht)
  • S::can spectrolyser for continuous measurment
  • Temperature and oxygen loggers

Also available: Sampling equipment for water, sediment, peat and soils, sedimentation funnels, secchi discs, plankton nets, dip nets, sieves and ice chip machine.