Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems laboratory
Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) and airspace available at Lammi Biological Station.
Aircraft, sensors and equipment


Aquired by he Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki in 2016.

  • DJI Matrice 100 platform (DJI)
  • DJI Xenmuse X3 gimbal and camera
  • FLIR TAU2 640 infrared camera (FLIR® Systems) integrated with ThermalCapture module (TeAx Technology UG).
    • pixel resolution: 640 x 512, spectral range: 7.5–13.5 µm, field of view: 45° x 37°.
    • The FLIR TAU2 640 is capable of detecting temperature differences of ±0.05 ˚C with an accuracy of ±5.0 ˚C or 5.0% of the reading, as reported by the manufacturer.

DJI Phantom 3 Pro­fes­sional and Ad­vanced IR

Aquired by Lammi Biological Station in 2015 for training and research purposes.

Phantom 3 professional 

  • Flight time > 20 minutes and a maximum range of 2 km. Operates at temperatures between -30 and + 30C. The RGB camera is capable of taking 4k video and RAW/jpg high resolution images. This model is especially useful for making 2D orthomaps, 3D digital elevation models of terrain, and video for outreach purposes.

Phantom 3 Advanced, RGB + Infra-red

  • Flight time approx 13 minutes max range of 2 km. IR gimbal best functions in conditions greater than +5C.
Airspace at Lammi Biological Station

LBS has airspace available to allow pilots to fly their remotely piloted aircraft beyond visual line of sight and higher than the regulated 150m above ground level. The airspace is located in the immediate surroundings of LBS and in the Evo area 20 km north of the station (see maps below). Each of the subareas can be activated on the day prior to flights. The airspace available directly above the station has an altitude limit of approximately 2000 m above ground level and the other areas are limited to 400 m above ground level. 

For more information on using our airspace, please contact John Loehr

Aerial photography

Aerial photography, videos, orthomaps and 3D aerial imagery can be ordered from our laboratory. We use DJI Phantom 3 quadcopters for this work, with which we can produce detailed images and video of areas of interest. 

By combining multiple photographs, a detailed orthomap of a given area can also be created. Orthomaps can also be produced that give elevation differences and basic 3D imaging. 

If you are interested in using this service, please contact Janne Sundell.