Phenology cameras, weather station & PAR sensor

Three cameras for phenology tracking and an official weather station of the Finnish Meteorological Institute

Phenology cameras

As part of the MONIMET camera network, LBA has three STARDOT cameras that record pictures at 15 minute intervals. 

The three cameras record both RGB and infrared images and are useful for monitoring changes in phenology as well as evidence to ground truth satellite imagery. Tree species imaged by the cameras  include Betula pendula, Betula pubescens., Acer platanoides, Prunus padus and Ribes alpinum

Click on the following links for current images of LBA's landscape, ground and crown cameras. Please contact LBA research coordinator John Loehr or other MONIMET personnel, if you are interested in accessing camera data. Data are available from August 2015 onwards. 

Weather station

LBS hosts an official Finnish Meteorlogical Institute weather station (Hämeenlinna Lammi Pappila) which records observations of temperature, precipitation, snow depth, relative humidity and dewpoint. Data from this weather station goes back to 1963 and can be downloaded from the FMI website.  


PAR sensor

LBS has its own Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensor which has been operational since April 2014. Data are available on request. Please ask research coordinator John Loehr for more information.