Motorized vehicles and boats

Research vessels, hydrocopter, numerous smaller boats, snowmobile and four vans

The station has two four-wheel-drive nine-person vans, one regular nine person van and one seven person van. Vans are available for researchers and courses to use.  Please ask in advance about availability for the time period you are interested in. 

Research vessels and motor boats

LBS has two larger research vessels and smaller motorboats available for fieldwork. The two large vessels are stationed on Lake Pääjärvi and the smaller boats can be trailered to other lakes in the area. 


The LBS hydrocopter is in use during times that the ice cover on the lake is too thin for snowmobiles or walking, but too thick for boats. This enables us access to lakes for sampling during times when conditions would not otherwise allow. It is possible to reserve the hydrocopter for research use. Please contact us well in advance. 


Our snowmobile is used for research during the winter months and allows quick access to areas not accessible by car. A trailer can be attached to it for transporting equipment.