Aquarium facilities

Indoor and outdoor flow through freshwater aquarium laboratories ideal for experimental research on fish and other aquatic organisms.

Research hall aquaria

Completed in 2018, this facility has twenty 1.0 meter diameter (400 l) tanks and twelve 2.8 m diameter (4200 l) tanks. set up as a constant flow-through system with a maximum flow rate of 18 l per second supplying all 28 tanks. The water supply is from two sources: a large humic lake (Lake Pääjärvi) which has an intake pipe at 10 m depth and/or from well water which has a year round temperature of 6 C. The room has a programmable lighting system which can mimic the changes in length of day throughout the year, and room temperature can be lowered to about 16 C.

Out­side aquaria

Constructed in 2017 from parts of an older aquarium system, this setup is affectionately known as 'Frankenstein'. There are 10 tanks in a flow through system with water pumped from a depth of 3 m from the adjacent humic Lake Pääjärvi. The system can be operational for about nine months of the year, although it will freeze up during long periods of below zero temperatures. The greenhouse shields it from rain and other debris.