Material bank

Download the Lammi Biological Station's logo, stamp, and other graphical materials for your use here.

The official logoof the Lammi Biological Station features the flame logo of the University of Helsinki. You can download the logo in either an English or Finnish version.

The station's official logo is used in communications, marketing, events, and materials such as presentations and documents.

Stamp emblem

The stamp of the Lammi Biological Station was designed by Maria Luna Tescari in 2021. In 2024, the stamp received new frames that align with the stamps of other research stations of the University of Helsinki, together forming a recognizable entity that respects the station's network.

Background of the illustration: The station is located in Lake Finland and the coniferous forest zone, so the graphics aim to represent the nature and research subjects of the area. The lake, river, forest, and the regional animal of Kanta-Häme, the lynx, are all incorporated into the station's stamp.

Research Stations in a nutshell

The research stations of the University of Helsinki operate at the core of ecological and environmental research. Their focus is on long-term ecosystem changes and related experimental research. The stations monitor both biotic and abiotic environments through numerous long-term observations. Research data and tasks extend from subarctic natural sites to the depths of the Baltic Sea.

Poster template

Download the station's poster template in PowerPoint format for your use. The template allows you to easily create content for an A0-sized poster. It includes a sample layout that you can modify to suit your needs.