Core mission

The core duties of Lammi Biological Station are research, public engagement and education.

Lammi Biological Station supports and enables the work of several research groups and researchers of the University of Helsinki and other universities. The station also collaborates with many other research institutes. Each year sees the publication of dozens of scholarly articles and multiple theses.


Courses and seminars are a significant component of activities at Lammi Biological Station and are attended by many University of Helsinki students. Numerous other groups use the station for courses, seminars, and events. Field courses are an integral part of studies in biology and the environmental sciences. Basic and intermediate courses in terrestrial and freshwater ecology are organised at Lammi Biological Station.

Community relations

Community relations play an essential role in the operations of Lammi Biological Station. Our commitment extends to organizing scientific and environmental education programs, fostering outreach activities, and actively contributing to regional development. Through science education initiatives and academic outreach, we aim to bridge the gap between research and the community, fostering a greater understanding of scientific endeavors. In addition, we maintain collaborations and partnerships that forge connections and enhance the impact of our work both within the scientific community and in the broader society.