Local nature and wildlife

The station is surrounded by 60 hectares of old protected forest. The diverse forests include groves, mixed forest and spruce woods reaching the shores of Lake Pääjärvi.

Nature at Lammi The diverse old grove of 19 hectares surrounding the station boasts an array of bird species, including the white-backed woodpecker.
Lammi nature and science trails

You can roam the forests by taking either a science trail or a nature trail.

The nature trail winds its way through the woody top of the Linnamäki hill fort and boreal forest to the grove on the shore of Lake Pääjärvi.

The Evo Hiking Area

The Evo Hiking Area is located 20 kilometres from Lammi. 

The area includes perhaps the most spectacular old protected forests in Southern Finland, namely Kotinen, Haarajärvi and Sudenpesänkangas.