Environmental Research Foundation

Established in 2008, the Environmental Research Foundation of Lammi Biological Station supports the University of Helsinki’s environmental research at the station.

The effects of environmental change can be seen and experienced by all of us even now in our everyday lives. Up-to-date research knowledge is needed to better manage and adapt to environmental change, as well as to protect our precious nature and habitats.

During its existence, the foundation has supported a wide range of research. Often, this research has focused on nature in the Häme region, specifically the Evo area, Lake Pääjärvi at Lammi and Lake Vanajavesi.

Examples of funded research topics include limnic food webs, the Granville fritillary as a model species for conservation, the combined effect of genes and the environment on the phenotype and survival of salmon, the seasonal development of vegetation in the forest ground layer according to changes in lighting, the evolution and ecology of plant pathogens, as well as the role of wetlands as retainers of nutrients and maintainers of biodiversity.