International Internship Program

Are you looking for an internship / traineeship that will provide you with an abundance of real-world experiences and challenges in the beautiful environs of a world class biological station?

Internships / traineeships at the Station offer you the chance to gain experience working in a wide range of research projects, the opportunity to design your own independent project and depending on your internship, it is possible to have lodging at no cost to you in the Station's newly renovated dormitories.

Between 2016 and 2021 we have had over 100 interns at LBS. We are currently receiving many more applications and inquiries about internships than we have spots available, and so the application process is quite competitive. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we have the chance to find a placement for you.

For those accepted to the program, we aim that the experience is one in which you will grow in your independence as a scientist and give you many opportunities to put theory into practice and gain skills that will be useful in your career. Please see the feedback from former interns below, to see what their experiences have been like.

If you are interested in applying please go use our application form and we will get back to you soon! 

Currently open internships

Currently, Pool project has two internship positions available. Interns would study the biodiversity of invertebrates from already collected samples. Duration of the internship is from 4-8 months. For more information contact

Good to know
  • Internship length is flexible, but an ideal time period is about 3-6 months.
  • Availability and start dates of internships vary
  • ERASMUS and ERASMUS+ students are welcome
  • ECTS credits can be earned by interns during their stay
  • Internships can be done at various stages of study (undergrad, graduate level)
  • Interns from both research universities and universities of applied sciences are welcome
  • You will be responsible for paying for your travel to Lammi.
  • Interns cover the costs of their meals. You can prepare meals in the dormitory kitchen or eat at our excellent cafeteria
  • Research equipment and materials are provided.
Examples of internships in research and science communication
  • Aquatic sciences, fish ecology, hydrobiology, limnology  
  • Metapopulation ecology, invertebrate ecology
  • Evolution of warning signals. Predator-prey interactions. Bird behaviour, learning and cognition 
  • Salmon genomics
  • Mammal ecology, behavioural ecology 
  • Amphipod ecology and evolution 
  • Vole fever pro­ject: us­ing vole disease eco­logy research to un­der­stand and pre­vent hu­man in­fec­tion risk 

  • Science communication internship. LBS presents many opportunities for people interested in science communication to develop their skills. The possibilities are very broad and do not require Finnish skills. Here is just one example of the great content our interns have produced.

If you are interested in any of these projects, be sure to contact John Loehr first (see instructions above). We have agreed with these research groups that contact is first through the station. Sending multiple e-mails to the station and research groups only results in time being used inefficiently on our part as we separately answer to inquiries.   

Also see this page for more in depth descriptions of the projects currently happening at LBS. 

Interns are encouraged to develop their own topics and you are free to suggest a general or a specific topic to us. 

Previous intern videos

Our previous interns have made some great videos of activities and research at the station:


What our interns say about the program

Below is some feedback from interns about their experiences at LBS

"It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I will leave with the biological station in my mind and in my heart."

"It is an experience that should be offered to everyone starting a career in science. It's the best approach to what working in research actually is. Personally, it has been one of the most enriching experiences, helping to decide what kind of career I'd like to follow, and growing as a person."

"It was a great and interesting time and I'm really glad that I came here. I learned a lot of new things, especially in the ecology topics"

"I was able to build my own research project, and it helped me realize how hard it is to have a robust experiment in the field. I enjoyed a lot being so close to the nature and to be able to study it. Living with PhD students also helped me to figure out what a PhD work is like. I would like to thank-you a lot for my time here, where I really felt good"

"The last three months made me forget about everything else except for this place. I have had a really nice time at Lammi during and after work. It is such a nice place and I am considering coming back to Finland and Lammi in the near future!"

"One of the my greatest experiences of a lifetime where I did not only learn a lot about science but also about myself. Thanks a lot!"

"I had an amazing time. I came here in a place with amazing people, nice work a beautiful environment and so much more! It has helped me to evolve and grow a lot."

"I had an amazing time during the three months and learnt a lot. Since I didn't have any experience in labwork. It's a shame I need to go home."

"The internship gave me an insight in research work and helped a lot for future projects. Apart from the work it was a unique experience to stay at the station in this wonderful surroundings."

"A great and fun learning experience, that helped in finding a career to pursue. The fact that there are a lot of different nationalities makes the internship even more enjoyable!"

"It was an enriching experience at all levels. I was autonomous and the station allowed me to conduct my internship in the best conditions. I'm proud of the work I've done here. I even improved my English level. I hope to have the opportunity to continue in ecology and find a fulfilling job."

"Being here gave me self-confidence, self-knowledge and improved me not only as a scientist, but also as a resolute person."

"It was a great experience, on a scientific level and for my personal experience. It was really intense, I got to test out my limits, but I would do it again anytime."

"The program was really enriching. I was able to think just by myself, asked different researchers who have been very available for all the questions. Thank-you for all that we did!"

"It was a very good experience to improve my skill in ecology, fieldwork and a little bit in English. It was an opportunity to discover a new country and the LBS where people were very nice."

"It has been a very important experience for me to be here. I have become more independent in research and attained skills which I would never have gotten on just any course."

"Learned to put in practice my theoretical knowledge to a more practical field and to real issues. Meet researchers and understand what motivates them to do research..."

"It has been a wonderful time with great people and good accommodations. I like the workflow, nature and facilities. It was an honor to be working here. Hope to come back next year. Kiitos!"