Meeting facilities

Hyytiälä offers well equipped facilities for both local and hybrid meetings,

The auditorium has a capacity of 100 persons. Starting from spring 2023, the space is equipped with integral AV-technology capable of remote connections.

Old dining hall

The old dining hall provides flexible space for meetings and other occasions with a maximum seating capacity around 90 persons. The room is equipped with a sound system and a video projector. Portable equipment are available for remote connections.

New dining building

The new dining building, which will be completed in 2023, includes two multi-functional spaces suitable for meetings.


  • The multi-functional room separated from the main dining hall with a glass wall is suitable for around 30-35 persons. It is equipped with modern AV-technology, which enables seamless participation of all attendants also in remote discussions.
  • The loft above the dining hall is suitable for larger group work and other more relaxed meetings for about 20 persons. It includes AV-equipment that are also capable of remote connections.
Group work

Multiple spaces are available for small groups below 20 persons. Availability depends on the occupancy rate and time of year. Part of the premises are also suitable for remote meetings.

  • Meeting room of the Institute building
  • Computer classroom and lobby areas of the Institute building
  • Halls and individual rooms inside timber buildings
  • Family rooms at accommodation