At Hyytiälä Forest Station you can stay in a new building or, during the summer season, in traditional log houses from the early 1900s.
Accommodation in a new building Koto

The Koto accommodation and canteen buildings were completed in 2023. The Koto accommodation is located in three different buildings B, C and D

The accommodation buildings in Koto have 28 double rooms and 8 rooms for 4 persons, for a total of 88 beds available for year-round use. Half of the beds are located in the loft (photo). Each room has its own entrance and its own shower and toilet.

Access to accommodation takes place through a shared terrace which serves also as a pathway to the new dining building.


Equipment of accommodation rooms
  • Double rooms B- and C-house: two trundle beds, reading lights, toilet, shower, coat rack, bedside table, chair, folding worktop in the loft (excluding rooms B113 and C105). Bed linen, towels, bath towel and hand towel, shower soap.

  • Double rooms D-house: loft with trundle bed and fold-down bed, reading lights, toilet, shower, screen (Apple tv), coat rack, loft with bedside table, folding worktop (excluding rooms D101 and D108). Bed linen, towels, bath towel and hand towel, shower soap.
  • Rooms for 4 people: three accessible rooms C104, C109 and D114. One trundle bed downstairs and three in the loft, reading lights, toilet, shower, screen (Apple tv), bedside table, round table and 4 chairs in the loft, bed linen, bath towel, hand towel, shower soap.

  • Rooms for 4 people: two trundle beds downstairs and two in the loft, reading lights, toilet, shower, screen (Apple TV), coat rack, bedside table, round table and 4 chairs in the loft, bed linen, towels, bath towels, hand towels, shower soap.


Pets can be accommodated in 5 different rooms at Koto. All pet rooms are located in the C building, 1 of which is a 4-bed room and 4 of which are 2-bed rooms.


The washing machine at the station can be used for laundry for a fee. Drying rooms are located upstairs in the warm machine hall and downstairs on the lake side of the new canteen building.

Information on conducting research in accommodation

Accommodation building B is designed for the Living Lab study. All studies in the Living Lab are carried out with the knowledge and consent of the subjects.

Accommodation Building B has ten rooms equipped for Living Lab research use, in which research can be carried out on the occupants with their explicit consent. Background measurements, including air quality, lighting, sound pressure and motion detection, are carried out in rooms B102, B104 and B108.

The background measurements do not include measurements containing personal data and are not linked to accommodation data. Accommodation buildings C and D are not surveyed and do not contain survey equipment. For further information, please contact Tuula Jyske

Accommodation in traditional facilities

During the summer season, from May to October, the early 20th century log houses Impivaara, Pilvilinna, Tapiola and Impilinna are used for accommodation.

Impivaara student accommodation building

Impivaara was built in 1912 and has 22 rooms for 2-3 persons.

The building has a total of 49 beds - 12 rooms downstairs and 8 rooms upstairs.

There are two fridges, a coffee machine, a kettle and a microwave in the common areas. The building has central heating.

The building has shared shower and toilet facilities for men and women and one separate toilet. The rooms have wooden or bunk beds, a desk and a chair.


Built in 1912, Pilvilinna has 7 double rooms. The 4 rooms downstairs were renovated in 2022 and furnished in 2023 in the traditional spirit.

The downstairs rooms have their own toilet and shower. Common areas include a well-equipped kitchen, a hall for dining, meeting, working and lounging, a toilet and a hallway. Three rooms have a screen. The building can accommodate max. The building can accommodate up to 10 people at a time.


Tapiola is a former forester's dwelling built in the 1940s. During the summer, Tapiola usually accommodates forestry field course assistants and summer workers.

Tapiola is well suited for long-term accommodation. The accomodation rooms are heated by wood-burning stoves, the other rooms by electric heating.

Tapiola has 4 spacious double rooms and two single rooms on the ground floor. Upstairs there are three rooms; one double room and two small single rooms.

The Tapiola has two shared showers and toilets, a kitchen and a spacious living room.


The Impilinna is a separate small log building on the edge of the old courtyard. It was once built as a women's dormitory. In recent years it has been used mainly as accommodation for students on the field course.

The Impilinna has two rooms for 2 persons. The first room is larger, with two wooden beds, a stove, fridge, desk and wardrobe. The 2nd room has two wooden beds, a desk and a wardrobe.

There is no running water, no shower or toilet. A pet can be accommodated in the Impilinna.